Complete Your Business HR Health Check

Welcome to HR Your Business Matters, and your Business HR Health Check. We understand that your priority as a business owner is driving your business forward and making money. With this in mind we also appreciate that regularly checking for changes in employment legislation may not be something that is high on your ‘to do’ list, which is why your business hr health check is perfect for you. Changes in employment legislation may mean that once compliant documents and processes are…

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Are you holding onto talent with both hands

Are You Holding Onto Talent With Both Hands?

Are you holding onto talent with both hands? With the doom and gloom of the recession supposedly behind us, what does the imminent future hold in regards to your business? Have you been cost savvy, cutting expenditure where possible just to try and keep your head above water? From speaking to many of our clients as well as reviewing the bleak figures available in regards to business closures if you are still trading and making a profit you obviously have…

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The Number One Way to Reduce Your Labour Turnover

We were contacted by a client who detailed that they were experiencing a higher than industry average labour turnover of their employees. The reasons for which were unknown. Our client explained that the impact of this labour turnover was having a detrimental impact not only customer service but also on existing staff members. By spending time listening to our client they told us about the individual leavers, their time within the business and any reasons given for leaving. We discussed…

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