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Are Your Employees Content in Their Job Role?

By January 2, 2024No Comments

We make sure your employees feel content in their job role

Here at HR Your Business Matters we work with a lot of business owners to ensure their employees are content in their job role. Whilst employees may express their happiness to you or to managers within the business, they may not always be telling the truth. This could be for several reasons.

They may not feel confident being honest with people in the workplace or expressing concerns with managers. Maybe they haven’t seen the right opportunity to express these concerns? Maybe they don’t have very strong workplace relationships within the business? This isn’t always something that the business is doing wrong, it may just be the employee’s personal circumstances that make it difficult for them to speak up. But there’s always things you can do as their employer to make this easier for them.

They might be telling you they’re feeling happy and confident, but in reality they could be searching through job sites for positions with more of the important perks that they’re looking for, such as more competitive pay, flexi-working, development, or even just positions nearer to home.

If you run your own business, you will know how hard it is to balance your own responsibilities, both in the business and in your personal life. While staff happiness may not be at the top of your agenda, a happy, confident, and motivated team is crucial for the success and growth of your business.

Let’s look at the statistics

In a survey completed by CIPD and Personal Group in 2018, research showed that 48% of workers in the UK were unhappy at work. The top complaint for many of these workers was the long hours. Meanwhile only 39% of workers in the UK under the age of 29 years old felt their job was worthwhile. 

Making sure your employees feel a valued part of the business is your responsibility and is very important. This way they understand the importance of their role and how it affects the business and its colleagues. When employees understand their role and purpose within the company, not only will they feel more confident and motivated, but they may not mind working extra hours every now and again. However, long hours on a regular basis could reduce team morale, so be sure not to overwhelm them and expect ‘too much’. If you’re finding that many of your employees are having to work extra hours unwillingly, it may be time to consider recruiting more staff.

A worrying 30% of frontline workers said that they never felt enthusiastic at work. It is important to note that most frontline workers are actually the face of your business. If these employees are not enthusiastic at work, what level of customer service are they offering? 

Think of ways you can reward these employees or incentivise the team to get feel engaged and enthused in their role to ensure they’re providing the highest possible standards of customer service as well as feeling positive.

It’s also reported that unhappy employees are 12% less productive than their happy colleagues. This means that if many employees are unhappy in their work, productivity will be lower – affecting overall workflow within the business. This in turn could affect quality of work, employee retention and even client retention.

Do you know if your employees are content in their job role?

Why not speak to our HR experts to see how we can uncover how content your employees are? We can then implement tools and activities to ensure engaged, happy and content employees, resulting in a happy, productive, and successful business. Get in touch directly by calling 01733 739660, and one of our team members will be happy to help.