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How Similar Is Online Dating & Online Job Hunting?

By January 23, 2024No Comments

Have you ever thought about how similar online dating and online job hunting are?

The world is getting more and more digital every day. We can turn on the kettle, the heating or the washing machine whilst sat on the sofa, just by clicking our phones. We can look for our potential life-long partners while enjoying a microwave meal for one and we can search for our next dream job while on the bus to the job we hate.

It’s great that everything is so easy due to new advancements in technology – but it got us thinking. How similar is online dating and online job hunting?

What makes them so similar?

There are a few similarities between online dating and online job hunting. You wouldn’t really think that, would you? But in fact, when you compare the two there’s actually lots in common.

The Need

You look for jobs online because you have a need to find a new job. Employers are online advertising what they have available, and you are looking for available things that are attractive to you. Which is pretty similar to online dating is it not? Just as the employer lays out all the great things about working for them, your potential suitor lays out all the things that are great about dating them!

The Time

While you may love to spend time meeting people in pubs, bars and nights out, this can be time consuming. You never know if the right person will be there when you will be there and if you’ll like it when you get there. It’s the same with job hunting. You may want to go out and meet real employers and see if they have jobs available, but what if the hiring manager isn’t in that day, or the job you love isn’t available? People look for jobs and dates because it saves them time, and the right availability is in the right place at the right time.

The First Meeting

We all know that interviews are scary – and so are first dates. It’s the time when you find out if the potential new employer has been really honest about the salary, the office environment and the size of the business. A first date is when you find out if your potential suitor has posted an up to date photo of themselves, if they are what they claim to be, and if they treat you as nicely as they say they will online. It’s a time when both parties are deciding their suitability to one another and if the relationship is what they seek it to be. After all, an interview is just as much about the potential employee deciding if the employer is right for them as it is the other way round. You can prepare for an interview just as you would on a first date. Practice in advance, go through the questions you expect to be asked and be freshly washed and well presented.

These are just some of the similarities between online dating and online job hunting. If you are hunting for a new job why not contact us so we can discuss the right job for you, and we can help you get it! To get in touch, call us on 01733 739660.