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How To Deal With Gender Discrimination In The Workplace

By December 19, 2023No Comments
gender discrimination in the workplace

Is gender discrimination in the workplace common?

As times change, gender equality awareness is higher than ever before. Yet sadly, gender discrimination is still an ongoing issue for many businesses. Coping with gender discrimination issues is a common concern for many business owners. Yet this doesn’t mean that gender discrimination issues in the workplace are being dealt with in the best way.

Gender reassignment and Sex are protected characteristics. This means that it’s against the law to discriminate against an individual based on these factors in the workplace, and even in public areas or when buying properties. 

Because of this, you may think that gender discrimination in the workplace doesn’t happen. However, it is definitely still around, meaning it’s so important to have the right education on how to deal with it and what to do if you come across it.

If you have gender discrimination issues or concerns within your business and you want some

support then give us a call. Alternatively have a look at this blog post which will help you understand more about gender discrimination and how you can avoid it within your business.

Dealing with gender discrimination in the workplace

One of the most important things a business owner needs to do is establish an environment for equal opportunities. We appreciate this is easier said than done, but it is something we can help you with if you have concerns.

We know that getting out of the rut of using out-dated practices can be hard. However, as gender equality awareness becomes more and more mainstream, it is important that fair, up to date policies are created,  and that programs are conducted in a way that fosters gender equality. 

A good place to start is your maternity and paternity policies. These are often some of the first policies created by businesses when they set up, and rarely looked at from that point onwards. You need to ensure that all policies are regularly reviewed and updated so the stance of your business on gender equality is clear at all times.

You may want to consider running regular gender equality workshops and open forums. These can be a great way of fostering ideas of gender equality. 

We have spoken a lot about policies and education and while this is important, there is more to dealing with gender discrimination. It is essential that there is a healthy culture of networking and socialising amongst your employees that helps bolster workplace gender equality. Running regular social gatherings between teams and within the business will help remove gender barriers. They will also help employees to get to know each other, interact and gain a better understanding of their colleagues.

Also, it’s important that senior leaders within the business set an example of how they wish people to be treated. From the decisions they make, to the way they conduct themselves when interacting with others within the business; their actions will serve as the foundations and a platform for others to base their own actions and beliefs off.

If you have gender discrimination or gender equality concerns about your business then contact us today. We can even review your policies on your behalf to ensure that they are in-line to avoid gender discrimination issues or concerns in your workplace. To get in touch, call us on 01733 739660.