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Is Your Holiday Entitlement Offering Right For Your Employees?

By February 13, 2024No Comments

Why might people look for a new employer?

The reason that people look for new employment at other businesses is not always because of money. In fact it is now more common than ever that people are looking for a new employer that can offer a better work life balance. These days, many people are beginning to be more self-aware and prioritise their own mental and physical health, meaning they’re going to be looking for an employer who can fit their needs as best as possible and be as accommodating as possible.

So, while some candidates will be looking for flexible or remote working, others will be looking for a company that has a better holiday entitlement offering. A good holiday entitlement offering can also be a reason that good employees will stay with you. They may look for work elsewhere but quickly realise that other companies cannot offer them the great holiday entitlement offering that you do.

What is the UK holiday entitlement? 

The UK offers pretty good holiday entitlement, when compared with other countries across the

world. While there is no cap on how much holiday you can offer your employees, 28 days holiday, including bank holidays, is a good holiday entitlement offering for a candidate or employee.

Think about the Christmas period too. Few employees want to work on those random days between Christmas and New Year, unless the business requires it – particularly in the catering or retail industries, for example. If your business doesn’t need to be open between Christmas and New Year or you can offer shorter hours or remote working at these times, this will be appreciated by potential employees and your existing team.

What about unused holiday?

Have a think about the unused holidays too. For example an employee may be getting married next year and having a honeymoon straight after, yet still wants a family holiday later in the year. Is there a way they can save their day’s holiday from this year and add it onto next year’s holiday? If so this can be a huge pull for an employee to stay within your business and also attractive to job seekers too.

It is important to find the right holiday entitlement offering to suit your business, your employees and potential employees too. If you would like help creating or implementing an attractive holiday entitlement package into your business then give us a call on 01733 739660.