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Are Tribunal Cases Set To Soar Following The Landmark Supreme Court Decision?

As the headlines hit the news on 26 July 2017, I like many others, sat in complete surprise as it was confirmed that trade union, Unison had won their landmark case at the Supreme Court and tribunal fees had been declared illegal. I asked myself, as a result of this ruling, what did that mean for my clients and business owners in general? Are tribunal cases set to soar following the landmark Supreme Court decision? In delivering its judgement, the…

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Making light of a bad situation

You wake up on a gloomy Monday morning and as you open the curtains you’re met with a dark stormy sky through the glass of your window. You manage to drag yourself into the office, taking note that it’s still dark and cold outside, as you turn on the harsh fluorescent lights of the office and start to wake all of the office machinery, whirring in protest as their cogs start to turn. Your day drags by, you see colleagues…

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Guest Blog – How leadership and management styles impact significantly on a SME

Now more than ever we need to understand the impact of how leadership and management styles can impact on a SME and its workforce.  UK productivity has dropped from second fastest in the G7 to the second slowest. (Source: UK Commission for Employment and Skills) £19 billion is the cost of poor management and leadership to the UK economy through the lower productivity. (Source: Skills First: Connecting employers, further education and training providers -Department of Business, Innovation and Skills) Sir Charlie Mayfield states “Boosting British…

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How to deal with the 'Killer Clown' craze in your business

How to deal with the ‘Killer Clown’ craze in your business

I don’t think anyone could have missed the latest ‘Killer Clown’ craze sweeping across the UK over the last few days. Since the start of this week reports have been flooding in from various media outlets detailing incidents of clowns, hiding in alleyways, jumping out on innocent pedestrians and casually (or menacingly) walking through our streets. Now I live in a little sleepy town, south of Peterborough, where some might say nothing dramatic ever really happens. However it seems no…

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Conduct or Capability - The can’t do vs won’t do saga

The can’t do vs won’t do saga

So you’re quickly turning grey trying to figure out why it seems so hard for your employees to do what you believe to be pretty reasonable and straight forward …. Are they genuinely incapable of doing the simplest of things or are they simply trying to cause you additional stress? The can’t do vs won’t do saga causes quite the predicament to many business owners and line managers who struggle to manage employees whose performance is below expectations. There are…

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Complete Your Business HR Health Check

Welcome to HR Your Business Matters, and your Business HR Health Check. We understand that your priority as a business owner is driving your business forward and making money. With this in mind we also appreciate that regularly checking for changes in employment legislation may not be something that is high on your ‘to do’ list, which is why your business hr health check is perfect for you. Changes in employment legislation may mean that once compliant documents and processes are…

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Employee Status

Employee, Worker or Self Employed/Contractor?

There has been a lot of recent media coverage whereby team members have taken legal action against their employers in the belief that despite their contracts stating otherwise, they are an employee and should have full employee rights and benefits (check out Uber’s predicament) This is a discussion I have with my clients on a regular basis. Are your team member’s considered an employee, worker or self-employed/contractor? (There are also other types, however less common in small/mid-size businesses) “A person…

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Are Trade Unions Part Of Our Future?

Over the last couple of days I have noticed something making me pause for thought. Yesterday, listening to the radio I heard an advert from a well known trade union detailing their services and prowess with negotiation, health and safety plus employee rights. This afternoon a television advert of a very similar nature caught my attention. When did trade unions start to advertise their services??? Is it because collectively trade unions have approximately only 6 million members (NAS, 2014) compared…

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Are you holding onto talent with both hands

Are You Holding Onto Talent With Both Hands?

Are you holding onto talent with both hands? With the doom and gloom of the recession supposedly behind us, what does the imminent future hold in regards to your business? Have you been cost savvy, cutting expenditure where possible just to try and keep your head above water? From speaking to many of our clients as well as reviewing the bleak figures available in regards to business closures if you are still trading and making a profit you obviously have…

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5 easy steps to drive employee engagement

5 Easy Steps To Drive Employee Engagement

5 Easy steps to drive your employee’s engagement When was the last time you walked into a shop or a restaurant and started to feel uneasy or uncomfortable? Take a moment to think what it was about the establishment that made you feel that way ……… Were you met with a deadly silence in a place that should have been bustling with atmosphere or maybe you were expecting a friendly and happy employee to greet you but instead you were…

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