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What Jobs Do Millennials Want The Most?

By March 5, 2024No Comments

Millennials are fastly becoming more important in the workplace

Whilst millennials may not be spoken of kindly in the media, they are fast becoming the most sought-out workers in today’s job market. Deloitte claims that 75% of the workforce in the UK will be made up of millennials by 2025.

The truth is, we need millennials in our business to help them grow and thrive. With this in mind, you can then create roles and positions within your business to ensure you have the available jobs that millennials are looking for. 

So what jobs are millennials looking for?

Supported by comprehensive research conducted by Adzuma, our own understanding tells us that,millennials are looking for jobs in the digital and tech industries. You only have to look around at companies within these sectors, and you’ll see that they have the highest amounts of millennials working in them. 

A study of over 22,000 CVs from Adzuma shows that 2,919 millennials mention digital in their CV, compared to just 6 baby boomers, 273 Gen X and 169 Gen Z. References are made in connection to certain job titles such as Digital Marketer, Digital Marketing; Digital Design etc. Meanwhile, 1,297 millennials mentioned social media in their CVs, compared to 3 baby boomers, 133 Gen X and 127 Gen Z. 

Not all millennials are technology focused

Despite these statistics, not all millennials are IT, technology, or digitally focused. Other keywords that were mostly spotted throughout the CVs included Sales Assistant or Warehouse Operative. 

Whilst the millennial workforce does span across every corner of the workforce, if you can have available jobs that meet the needs and desires of the millennials, and the needs of the business, then you’ll be more likely to attract this talent and onboard them.

It’s about creating as many opportunities for this as possible. For example, you don’t necessarily need to hire three social media managers, but you could have three job roles which include different aspects of social media management, even if it’s not the main role within the job.

Do you need support filling vacancies?

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